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The Goodell Lab has a wide range of training and working opportunities from high school students to postdoctoral positions. We are currently recruiting graduate students and postdocs!


Postdoctoral Training

The Goodell research laboratory is actively recruiting postdocs who are eager to pursue groundbreaking biomedical research in normal stem cell biology, cancer biology, and epigenetics. The Goodell lab is known for exceptional mentoring and training in all aspects of science. Our goal is to do the best science, while training to be the next generation of scientific leaders. Selected candidates will have the opportunity of addressing ambitious research questions in areas such as hematopoietic stem cells, epigenetics, and DNA methylation and developing your own areas of related research that you can use to start your own lab. We offer top-notch environment with the ideas, projects, resources, infrastructure, collaborations, and mindset for innovative research. Multiple former postdocs are assistant, associate, or full professors at institutions across the country, at institutions such as Wash U, Baylor College of Medicine, UNC, Vanderbilt, and others.

If you have a PhD, MD, or MD/PhD and would like to apply for a position or know more about research opportunities with the Goodell Lab team, please email Dr. Goodell, and include a CV (with referee contact info) and a cover letter describing what you have been working on and why you are interested in the lab.

Graduate Students

Our lab welcomes the opportunity for training graduate students in stem cell research, hematologic cancer biology, and epigenetics. In our lab, PhD students receive intensive training in conducting independent research, and how to develop your novel ideas and questions while participating in the group effort of highly collaborative science.

Trainees consistently publish high-impact papers in top journals. Almost all former PhD or MD/PhD trainees remain in research-related careers. Most have performed postdoctoral research at institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, University of North Carolina, Washington University, and elsewhere. Many are now assistant, associate, and full professors at such institutions.

Students already enrolled in a BCM graduate program will need to meet with Dr. Goodell prior to setting up a possible rotation. If you are outside of BCM, you should apply to one of the graduate programs first. Their information can be found here. There are also occasional opportunities to perform extended research in the lab while enrolled in a different graduate program.

If you are a prospective or current BCM graduate student interested in training with the Goodell team, please email your CV to Dr. Margaret Goodell at goodell at

Undergraduate and High School Students

Motivated undergraduate students have a unique opportunity to participate in all facets of research in the Goodell Laboratory. Students gain valuable research experience in preparation for later graduate/medical study often earning undergraduate research credit along the way.  Undergraduate students must be prepared to work at least 10 hours per week (on average) during term time, and will get the most out of the experience if they can spend at least one summer full-time in the lab.

We also occasionally accept advanced high school students for summer research. Students should be able to work approximately 40h per week for ~10 weeks.

If you are a current high school or undergraduate student interested in becoming a student worker during the school year and/or summer, please send your CV to Dr. Margaret Goodell at goodell at